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The five most powerful Iron Man suits (Updates)
Daily Update
Comics, Entertainment
In the 2012 Avengers movie, Captain America asks Tony Stark, 'Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you?'
Despite Stark's sassy reply about his intellect and charity, he is a mere man without his suits. It is the suits' techn
The six highest-paid actresses in the world right now (Updates)
Daily Update
A few weeks back, Forbes released the list of the highest-paid actresses in the world, which was topped by our very own Black Widow aka Scarlett Johansson.
The next five spots were grabbed by Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Anist
Instagram Music launches in India - Here how to use it (Updates)
Daily Update
Entertainment, Instagram
Finally, you can add music to your Instagram Stories, videos, and Boomerangs.
The feature was only available in select parts of the world, but now, the photo-sharing service is rolling it out for users in India.
It will go straight against popular
Hamraaz App - Hamraaz Army App (Updates)
Daily Update
Android Apps, Army, Army App, Hamraaz App, Hamraaz Army, hamraaz payslip password, humraaz payslip, Indian Army App
3.68 mb
Hamraaz army app download latest version (hamraj apps) :
A look at Steve Smith over the years (Updates)
Daily Update
Steve Smith has transformed himself into the world's best batsman in Test cricket.
The run-machine has grown like a phoenix over the years and that has helped Australia set the tone in the most important phases.
When you look at Smith's tr
Samsung launches two new Galaxy M Series smartphones in India (Updates)
Daily Update
Smartphone, Technology
As an addition to its M series of smartphones, Samsung has launched the Galaxy M10s and Galaxy M30s in India.
The handsets arrive as the upgraded versions of the already available Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M30 phones.
Meanwhile, both the handsets will
Six awesome science-fiction films that are worth watching repeatedly (Updates)
Daily Update
Entertainment, Hollywood
With their visuals, futuristic approach, and speculative depictions, sci-fi films appeal to all.
Yes, they have certain jargon and technical terms, which may set you back. But these flicks remain an overall exciting watch, as you don't know how the en
Seven survival films that will make you value life again (Updates)
Daily Update
Our protagonist is stuck in an unfriendly terrain, with no help in sight.
Suddenly, something happens, and he/she fights his/her way through, and comes out of that place, alive but bloodily injured.
This is the usual premise of survival films, tho
What is Wi-Fi 6 how it will be useful (Updates)
Daily Update
A few hours ago, Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that oversees the implementation of Wi-Fi capabilities, announced the certification program for next-generation Wi-Fi 6.
The move indicates that the standard is finally ready and will soon be supported by
Ranking the greatest NBA seasons of the legends (Updates)
Daily Update
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the biggest basketball league in the world.
The tournament witnesses a number of legendary players being produced every decade.
It is mostly determined by their performance, which also leads to they bei
Five most amazing powers of She-Hulk (Updates)
Daily Update
She-Hulk, as the name implies, has powers similar to the Hulk.
For those unaware, Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner's cousin and when she was attacked by mobsters and left for dead, Banner saved her life through a blood transfusion.
Notably, hi
WWE - Ranking the upset wins which worked for superstars (Updates)
Daily Update
sports, WWE
WWE has a number of superstars who are acrobatic, as they give their all to perform the best form of pro-wrestling in the ring.
In the process, some superstars pick up a fluke win over a top superstar and go on to earn fame and respect.
Here, we r
Apples - Nutritional value and its top five health benefits (Updates)
Daily Update
Move over their crunch and that soothing, juicy taste, apples also happen to be miraculously healthy.
Loaded with dietary fiber, flavonoids, and powerful antioxidants, apples can help prevent many health-threatening diseases, such as heart disease, diabet
8 cool and cheap home decor ideas you should try (Updates)
Daily Update
Home decor is cool and interesting.
But if you are not a millionaire, spending a fortune on making your home look dapper might not be a great idea.
However, don't be upset - you can make your home look nice and classy, without looting a bank.<
Hair turning grey - Try these five natural home remedies (Updates)
Daily Update
Greying of hair may or may not mean maturity and wisdom, but it sure implies that your body isn't producing enough melanin- an early sign of aging.
And although those silver and white streaks might look dapper in your 40s, but when they appear early o
WWE - Ranking the best moments involving Kane (Updates)
Daily Update
sports, WWE
Kane made a surprise return to Monday Night Raw this week, only to be attacked by The Fiend (Bray Wyatt).
While it is unclear yet as to if the return was just for a night or long-term. Considering he has to fulfil mayoral duties, it could be a short-term
Apple Watch Series 5 amd Series 3 Check full price list (Updates)
Daily Update
Apple, Technology
Alongside the new iPhones, Apple has recently launched the Apple Watch Series 5. The new model retains the design of its predecessor while offering an Always-On display, a built-in compass, international emergency calling, as well as new titanium and ceramic case
These are the five benefits of drinking enough water everyday (Updates)
Daily Update
About 60% of our body is water.
Undoubtedly, this elixir of life is crucial for healthy functioning.
We say so because dehydration can lead to various health issues, including headaches, lethargy, indigestion, etc.
Although there is no set
WWE - Results and video highlights of Clash of Champions 2019 (Updates)
Daily Update
sports, WWE
WWE's latest pay-per-view was the Clash of Champions, that took place on Sunday at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.
With every title being defended on the show, the event had some action-packed match cards and did live up to expectati
A look at the records held by Sergio Aguero (Updates)
Daily Update
Argentina's Lionel Messi is considered as one of the all-time GOATs of the game.
While he might be enjoying success in his space, one of his national team-mates too is enjoying the success of his own.
Manchester City's Sergio Aguero has ma
Ranking the top T20I clashes between India and South Africa (Updates)
Daily Update
Cricket, sports
Hosts India are set to lock horns against the mighty South Africans in a three-match T20I series, starting Sunday.
While both the teams have previously clashed on 13 occasions, it's India who have had the upper hand to date.
Notably, India are