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Kasam-Tere Pyar Ki 13th July 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi and Tanuja try to make each other jealousTonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi and Netra come to Abhishek Khurana’s house to meet his family. They get shocked to see that Tanuja is Abhishek’s wife. Abhishek introduces Rishi and Netra to Tanuja and is unaware of the fact that she already knows all of them. Netra starts to smile when she realizes that Tanuja has moved on. Rishi gets spellbound to see that it is Tanuja who has found love in Abhishek. He tells Tanuja that she must really be a lucky girl to have married such a big business tycoon. Tanuja says that he is not just a good business, he is a good person too. Tanuja says that Abhishek knows how to love and respect his wife and she is proud to be with him.

Abhishek asks Rishi to give the red rose he has brought to Tanuja. As Tanuja holds the rose, a thorn pricks her. Rishi suddenly holds her hand to comfort her and Abhishek finds it strange. Netra says that it is Rishi’s habit to caress the people who get hurt.

Netra excuses herself to go to the washroom and gets overjoyed with the fact that Tanuja has a husband and is a happily married woman. She says that Rishi can’t leave her now and go back to Tanuja. On her way back to the living room, she finds a big picture of Tanuja and her daughter hanging on the wall of her room.
Naitra comes to Rishi and says prepare soon, we are heading off to AK’s home, we need to purchase blooms too,Rishi says I wont purchase anything for him, Naitra says dont offer it to him, offer it to his significant other, Rishi says fine. Rishi prepares.
Rishi comes to talk to Tanuja in the kitchen. Rishi congratulates Tanuja for her marriage and says that she has finally found love. He gets furious with her that she has a daughter with Abhishek. He asks Tanuja why she never let him come close to her. Tanuja gets angry and says that she fell in love with Abhishek the moment she saw him. Rishi gets jealous to know that Tanuja was with another man. Tanuja tries to tell him that she also felt the same a few years ago. He says that she is not the same Tanuja with whom he fell in love. He tells Tanuja that he felt a connection with Natasha and Biji also felt it. He says that Biji said that Natasha looks exactly like him. Rishi gets so furious with Tanuja that he holds her hands so tightly that it starts to hurt her. He says that in all the 7 years which he spent alone, every moment her face flashed in front of his eyes. Tanuja tells him that she is very happy without him in her married life. Rishi says that his happiness lies in her happiness and she may live her life in which ever way she likes. Tanuja says that he too is very happy in his married life with Netra.

Netra goes inside Tanuja’s room and starts to search her wardrobe. She gets scared to see that there are only Tanuja’s clothes in the wardrobe. She suspects that Tanuja might be faking her family. But she looks at a photo of Tanuja, Natasha and Abhishek together and feels in her heart that she is finally free from Tanuja’s curse.

As Rishi and Tanuja keep talking, Tanuja keeps advocating Abhishek and it makes Rishi more and more angry. Rishi asks her if she never missed him in those 7 years. Abhishek comes and asks Rishi to join him for a drink. Netra and Tanuja also sit with them. Both Rishi and Tanuja try to make each other jealous by acting like they are the best husband and wife in the world.
Rishi gets one blossom. Naitra says you brought one blossom? Rishi says I just got this, Naitra says it doesnt look great to give one blossom, Rishi says i wouldnt need to give him one single thistle.
Tanuja takes Abhishek to a corner and tells him that he should take her hand and kiss it in front of Rishi and Netra. As soon as Abhishek kisses her hand, Rishi asks him to leave it. 

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 16 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Abhishek Khurana tries to takeover Bedi Enterprises
Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Abhishek gets into a bet with his friends. Before he could start his competition he says goodbye to Tanuja and his daughter Natasha as they leave for home. To complete his bet Abhishek drinks ten shots he was asked to drink. After he gets dizzy, he gets comfortable with one of his old lady friends.
Meanwhile when Tanuja puts Natasha to bed she asks her who Rishi is. When Tanuja doesn’t give an answer she says that she can let it go and goes to sleep. Her question however brings memories to Tanuja. She recalls all of the good and the bad moments spent with Rishi.
On the other side Rishi looks at the moon and thinks about Tanuja. Netra asks him to stop looking at the moon and missing Tanuja. Abhishek spends the night with his friend and he freaks out when he realizes that his friend intends to marry him. He tells his friend that he is a married man and he can’t give her the happiness of being his wife. He tells her that he has a small 7 year old daughter and he has to be with her. He says that he hates his wife but he needs to stay married to her for the sake of his daughter. Suddenly Tanuja comes to the hotel room and starts to create a drama. Tanuja gets furious with Abhishek and slaps him for cheating on her.
After Karla, his lady friend leaves, Abhishek gives a high five to Tanuja and tells her that she is making his life easy. To get rid of Karla he texted Tanuja to come to his hotel room and pretend to be his wife. Tanuja says that she feels bad for his friend. Abhishek tells her that she is his best friend and he loves the fact that she supports him in all of his flings.
Meanwhile in the  Bedi Enterprises, Manpreet loses his cool on Abhishek Khurana. He tells Rishi that he is the new takeover king in the market and he is buying the shares of their company too. He tells Rishi that he has already acquired 20 percent shares and if he will succeed in taking five more, he will become a board member. He gets freaked out thinking about the fact that Abhishek Khurana will be the decision making authority of Bedi Enterprises.
Next day in the morning Tanuja expresses anger towards Abhishek. She tells him that she feels bad for Karla. Suddenly Abhishek tells Tanuja that there is a reason why he didn’t get married till now. He says that the reason is her and he doesn’t want her to go away from him. He also tells Tanuja that she is safe with him as no man will approach her with false intentions since she has a married status.
Rishi asks Manpreet to find out everything about Abhishek Khurana. Rishi plans it with Manpreet that the person who is taking over his companies should get an answer in return.

Mega Twist! #KTPK Kasam 14th June 2017 Today Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! #KTPK Kasam 14th June 2017 Today Episode Written Updates :- Colors TV most incredible entertaining program, “Kasam” looks like a delightful interesting show, which gives the enormous voltage potential that gives to the Kasam followers.

Kasam 14th June 2017 Written Update

The traditional TV series “Kasam” to made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never finishing dilemma way and revealed the essential crux of the presentation is to showcase in the latest episodes that, Rishi tells Tanuja in the event that she passes on he would kick the bucket as well. Not she, but rather he abandons her. Tanuja moves into the prepare without answering.
The latest episode started with, bee ji comes to take Rishi outside as Tanuja is going out. Naitra chooses to stop Tanuja and Rishi meet each other, else everybody would know why Tanuja is going out and that she named the property after Rishi without anyone else’s input.
On the entryway, Tanuja contemplates her wedding getting switched. Rishi comes first floor calling her from behind. Tanuja cries hearing his voice and contemplating Rishi and Naitra in bed together, she rushes outside. Naitra’s grinning face and flashes before her eyes. She cries outside. An auto goes by her. She was lost in musings of Rishi and her circumstances together. She at long last gets into a taxicab and goes out.
Rishi hurries to the lobby calling Tanuja from behind. Raaj stops Rishi and tells
him to release her, he ponders what occurred amongst him and Tanuja yet she had been choking in the house. She needed to make tracks in an opposite direction from the house, as Tannu left from them. He cries saying Tanuja left as though she was a living carcass. He doubts Rishi why he did as such. Rishi tries to clarify, Raaj says there was none of Tanuja’s oversight, it is his mix-up. Everybody was stunned to listen. Raaj says Tanuja needed to harvest what her Bauji has sown. Raaj trembles as he gets unwell, he tries to disclose to Rishi that he requested that Tanuja assume control over the property. Everybody makes him sit on the love seat. Honey bee ji sends Rishi to get Tanuja back home. Naitra was stressed.
Malaika calls Naitra, Poorab inquires as to why she is calling Naitra now. Naitra tells Malaika Rishi went behind Tanuja. Malaika advises her to call if Tanuja returns. Honey bee ji comes behind Naitra and points the finger at Naitra for being in charge of this, she reviles Naitra could never get Rishi. UV goes to the room and glances around for a telephone, he watches Divia glad that Rishi and Tanuja part their ways. He inquires as to why she is glad. Divia gets tearful that UV is again presuming her. UV says he comprehends Tanuja was correct and advises Divia to gather her packs and leave for America immediately.
Rishi comes to taxi station and searches for Tanuja. He considers railroad station, he reviews Tanuja admonished him once to box. She let him know whether she is ever furious with him she would take the primary prepare and leave Bombay.
Tanuja had achieved the railroad station. She was lost in musings of Rishi, his requests to never abandon him, his admissions of affection for her. The scene in Naitra’s room again flashes before her, she says she was mixed up and believed him even in the wake of watching him with Naitra. Today, she has broken all the fake guarantees and left his home and him.
Rishi achieves the station searching for Tanuja. Rishi had achieved near Tanuja, Tanuja was remaining on a side while Rishi cruised by. He stops by as a prepare arrives, he supposes Tanuja would board the prepare and he could never have the capacity to discover which station she got off. He gets into the prepare glancing all around for Tanuja. He got of the prepare smashed and tired. There, Tanuja strolls towards the prepare, crying and lost. Rishi recognizes her board, he cries and calls her name. Tanuja stops without a moment’s delay.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Tanuja returns to Rishi with her daughter after 7 long years
Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi finds out that Tanuja is boarding the train, so he calls her name with all his might to stop her. Rishi ask Tanuja to come home with him but Tanuja says that there is no home which belongs to her. Rishi ask Tanuja to come home with him but Tanuja says that there is no home which belongs to her. He apologies to Tanuja and asks her to come home. Tanuja says that he must be aplogizing for fooling her after teaming up with Netra. Tanuja says that in return of the papers he and Netra broke heart. Rishi doesn’t know that Netra created a scene where she pretended that Rishi is trying to be physical with her, when he was passed out after the effect of liquor. He keeps apologizing to her but Tanuja says that she can’t go back home with him. Tanuja keeps telling Rishi that it’s too late for him to apologize. Rishi tells Tanuja how would he be able to live without her but Tanuja decides to leave anyway.
She keeps crying her heart out and says that in return of immense love, she just recieved heart break. Rishi also starts to yell at her and tells her that he got married to her against his will but he accepted her anyways. Tanuja tells Rishi that she took all of his property just because she wanted to save him from Purab’s wrath.
Rishi kept on saying that she did exactly the same what she did to him. When in her fury Tanuja tells him that she saw him trying to force himself on Netra, Rishi slaps her. Tanuja says that she is leaving and will never come backever again. She tells him that she hates him to the core and would never like to see his face again. Rishi also gets angry with Tanuja for accusing him to be a characterless man. He tells Tanuja that he too is leaving her and will never try to find where she is going.
As Tanuja sits in the train she starts to puke and one of her fellow passengers ask her if she is pregnant. Suddenly Tanuja realizes that she is pregnant and she rushes to find Rishi. But she hears two of her fellow passengers fighting with each other over the same issues. She hears that a wife was telling her husband that she made a mistake by trusting him again.

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