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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC – For the purpose of connectivity, Bluetooth is still one of the most used and preferred options irrespective of how great the wireless fidelity or better known as Wifi is. Although both are having different works to do. And, today we will take you through the step by step guide for How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC

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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC, can you connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one ,connect, connect 2 bluetooth headphones, connect bluetooth headphones, connect bluetooth headphones to apple tv, connect bluetooth headphones to computer, connect bluetooth headphones to pc, connect bluetooth headphones to ps4, connect bluetooth headphones to windows, connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one, how to connect bluetooth, how to connect bluetooth headphones, how to connect bluetooth headphones to iphone, how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc, how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc windows, how to connect bluetooth headphones to phone, how to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one

Gone are those days when people used to spend their hour or so just for folding or disclosing the wires of long-wired earphones, mouse, keyboards, mic, webcam and other things. Now, it’s wireless connectivity era. And, Bluetooth technology holds the same position at present as held by Facebook in the social networking industry.

There is a number of updates received in the Bluetooth versions these days. Starting from the initial days, updates and their specifications are as follows – Mandatory Bluetooth hardware device and address in Bluetooth v1.0 to v1.08; IEEE standard 802.15.1-2002 in Bluetooth v1.1; Faster connection in Bluetooth v1.2; Enhanced Data Rate in Bluetooth v2.0+EDR; Secure Simple Pairing in Bluetooth v2.1; High speed data transfer in Bluetooth v3.0; Low energy consumption recently used in apple I – phone 4s in Bluetooth v4.0.

Apart from that, there are a number of devices in which Bluetooth Technology has been recently updated that is – Bluetooth GPS Device, Bluetooth Keyboard, Bluetooth enables Webcam, Bluetooth – equipped printer, In-car Bluetooth headset, Stereo headset and Bluetooth headsets etc. And, today in this in-depth guide, you will learn about how all these above mentioned devices get connected with Bluetooth and also How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC.

Before proceeding further and giving you an exact answer, if not, you must be knowing about Pairing in Bluetooth. There is no rocket science behind pairing. The meaning of Pairing in Bluetooth is as simple as connectivity, only the term is different. Initially, both the devices, the sender and the receiver will have to connect with each other. That procedure of connectivity is precisely carried out with the help of pairing.

In all the four cases, that is – Bluetooth headphones connectivity with Phones, with Television, with Personal Computer/ Desktop or with Laptop, one thing is common. And, that is to first of all switching on the Bluetooth pairing button given on either side of the Headphones. Once, you are done with that button switched on, the next step is to switch on the pairing buttons as well, as in many cases, those buttons are provided differently. If not, the pairing with start automatically.

Now, in the case of a personal computer or desktop, Here’s how to connect your Bluetooth headphones successfully. For those who are having PCs which they bought years earlier, one thing must be clear that there are full chances you might not be having pre installed or in built Bluetooth tech in your personal computer. In such a case, you can easily purchase a device from a market with a Compact disc in just 5$ or below and have it installed in your computer.

The mobile phone users can easily connect their Bluetooth headphones with their smartphones and even non smart ones as well. All you need to do is just switch on the button in the Bluetooth headphones devices. Further, make sure to go to Bluetooth setting in your mobile phones and switch it on there as well. Also, make sure that both the devices are publicly visible. Although keeping the default option in mind, public visibility of Bluetooth is enabled. But for some or the other reasons, many times people may switch it off.

Connecting Bluetooth to Television is not possible in all the cases. You just need to keep in mind is that only Smart Television supports the Bluetooth connectivity. And, the worst part is that there is no such option to install the Bluetooth easily on the Television, if not pre-installed, you will not be able to use Bluetooth headphones with your Television.

In the 1990s, while working at Ericsson, Dr Jaap Haartsen invented the Bluetooth technology. While the name Bluetooth was officially adopted in 1998.

If you are having any comment regarding How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC, please make sure to let us know below using the comment box. 

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB – Your laptop could be your personal computer or PC, similarly, your desktop could be your Personal Computer or PC, but there is a difference in Laptop and Desktop. Simple to understand, isn’t it? In the same manner understanding “How to connect your phone to your Windows 10 PC” or “How To Connect your Apple iPhone to Macbook” is. So, in this step by step guide, without further ado, let’s directly learn about the PC and mobile connectivity topic-wise.
How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB
A laptop or desktop has its own importance, same is the case with mobile phone or high-tech smartphones. But, many a time, the situation is raised when you may need to connect your smartphone to your Laptop or computer irrespective of the fact how High-Tech your mobile phone is.

Connecting a mobile phone to your laptop or computer is simple. But, in various cases, purpose and methods are different. Some people connect it to transfer the files from Mobile Phones to Laptop/ Computer or vice-versa. And many people most of the times connect it using Wireless Fidelity for the perfect internet usage. While those who faced the problems in doing so, had it last time.

In general, there is only one possible way of connecting your Mobile Phone to PC with-wire mode that is – either by using the Data Cable or by USB Cable (don’t mind, in local saying both are one and the same thing). Using this wired connecting, Mobile Charging is possible, data transfer is possible and many other tasks. As after reading this in-depth guide you will not face problem in Connecting your Smartphone to your PC or Laptop anymore.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop Using Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity technology standard for exchanging data which is mainly used in Personal Computers, Audio Devices, Gaming Consoles and Smartphones etc. with the physical range of Typically less than 10 m (33 ft), up to 100 m (330 ft); Bluetooth 5.0: 40–400 m (100–1,000 ft) and has frequency of 2.45 GHz. Now connecting your Mobile Phone or Smartphone with Laptop or PC is extremely simple.

Here comes the role of Pairing. Bluetooth would not have existed without the word pairing. It goes like – You’ll have to turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile phone. Then you’ll have to turn on the Bluetooth in your Laptop or Personal Computers. In both the cases, keep in mind that Bluetooth of both the devices should be “Discoverable to Nearby Devices.” Telling this because there is an option to un-discover the same in any or both of the devices.

Now, there must be some name given to your Bluetooth device of Laptop and Smartphone. From the list of devices that are discovered, please make sure to click on the name of the device you are willing to connect to. For example, the name of BT (here BT refers to BlueTooth) of your Smartphone is ATB and the name of BT of your Laptop or Personal Computer is Then from Smartphone click on MsnTarGet.CoM while vice versa is not necessary and pairing will start.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop Using Data cable
As the name suggests, Data Cable is basically used to transfer the data either from the Smartphones to Laptop or Personal Computers. Now, based on the kind of media that needs to be transferred, Data Cables are of various types that are – 

Ethernet Cables (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a)
  • Token Ring Cables (Cat4)
  • Coaxial cable is sometimes used as a baseband digital data cable, such as in serial digital interface and thicknet and thinnet.
  • Optical fiber cable; see fiber-optic communication.
  • Serial cable.

There is one more advantage of using the Data Cable as a mode of transferring files either from Smartphone to Laptop or Computer or vice – versa, that is Charging of your Smartphone from Laptop. And, there have been Myths like Laptop or Computer Charging is not as strong as High Voltage Direct Electric Current Switch Charging, then keep in mind that it is just a myth and nothing else.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With and Without USB
Indeed don’t ignore this, because there is a difference between USB Charging Cable and Data cable. In Simple words, according to reports, when you use USB Cables to transfer data by plugging one end on the device and the other one to a pc or a laptop, that’s when it’s called data cable.

But in scientific words, it can better be understood as “On the device side, the two 10K resistors on the Data – and Data+ Lines tell the device that this is the power supply online, no data. And, the resistor side should be near the socket. More updates related to How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB will be posted on this page of

This can be made with a regular USB extension cord; only run the red and black cables with larger (18 Gauge) wire, and put the resistors on the socket side. Ideally, the wires should be shielded with the shield connected to ground.” Obviously, no rocket science is needed to understand how to connect Mobile Phones and Laptops or Personal Computers using USB Charging cable.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop Monitor Using the Internet (In Hindi)
There are tons of ways by which computers or laptops can have access to the internet. But, more than half of the high-tech world that uses Laptop or Computers for Searches in Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing, watching Youtube Videos, streaming online live games, surfing on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram does that with the help of the internet packages in their mobile phones.

The best possible way to run the Internet in your Laptop or Personal Computer using a Smartphone is to switch on the Wifi in former and switching on the tethering hotspot in the latter. Now connecting the both can resolve the issues for sure. This is the simplest method of having internet connection in your PC or Desktop or Laptop without subscribing to any other Data packages from Airtel, Reliance that uses Modem or Router.

Once, internet connectivity is there, ultimately your Smartphone and Computer also get connected using the Internet. A complete detailed guide regarding this will be uploaded on in the Hindi language as well soon. Thus stays tuned with us.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With Teamviewer
When it came to connectivity, the world was earlier OKAY with Bluetooth, Wireless Fidelity or WiFi and ShareIt kind of software. But the industry of Smartphones and Computer Connectivity completely changed when The Durham, North Carolina-based company GFI Software acquired a majority stake in TeamViewer in 2010 and Teamview kept getting better thereafter.

Resulting in mind-blowing figures that Teamviewer connected over 1.7+ Billion smartphones and 40+ million sessions per days are received. Thus, there must be something special that over 4 Lakh people are downloading the Teamview every day. Operating system updates for one of the best data sharing, remote support, remote access, service desk computer software – TeamViewer are as follows (on the day of writing this content).

Starting with Windows (desktop app): 13.2.26558 / October 4, 2018; 7 days ago Windows (UWP app): Chrome OS: 13.0.281 / October 30, 2017; 11 months ago BlackBerry OS: / February 1, 2017; 19 months ago Android: 13.2.9356 / August 2, 2018; 2 months ago Linux: 12.0.81460 / July 27, 2017; 14 months ago. Not only connections but also, complete screen control can be taken over if used Teamviewer in the perfect possible manner.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With Ip Address
Here’s how? If you and your partner (those who are willing to share the screens) are on Smartphones, the first step is to download the Teamview from Google Play Store or App Store (in case of iPhone). Then, a unique ID (in numeric digits) will be generated by the first device and when the same ID shared with the second device holder. That ID will have to enter in the Teamviewer App and now second device holder will have a complete or limited control as required of first device holders screen. Similarly, when in Laptop or Personal Computers, make sure to go through these Easy and Secure Remote Desktop Access in the world’s favourite remote support solution.

The process of setting up the IP Address in Windows and Linux and other operating systems is totally different. Just remember that your Computer or Smartphone does not have an IP Address, rather your internet connectivity and router, modem etc. does have. Even, as the name suggests IP is an internet protocol, thus address must also be connected to IP only.

Now there are ways through which you can set up your IP Addresses (exact step by step guides/ methods can be viewed on other portals) and have your Smartphone completely connected with your Laptop or Personal Computer. There always been one disadvantage of Wireless connectivity that you can only transfer the data. But in USB Cable or USB Data connectivity, you can even charge your phone and also can transfer the Data.

How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop With ShareIt
Shareit has been one of the most famous data sharing application developed by Lenovo. Two happiest part of this best sharing app with the fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies/ music/ wallpapers / GIFs is that – 1.) IT IS A FREEWARE and 2.) IT IS A DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE. Thus, in case you’re not having internet connection working, Shareit will not leave your hands.

Like Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity software, Share It should also be there in both the devices. First one being from which the data needs to be transferred and the second one being in which the data needs to be received. But in this latest version of ShareIt, you can call it 4.0, no pairing kind of thing is there. Rather, from your Smartphone, a QR Code which appears in the Mobile Phone has to be scanned.

Note: has got more interesting reads for you below. If you still hold any queries regarding the topic you can put your comment below. Either way, just don’t forget to go through below provided links related to How To Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop By Internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

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The Bluetooth Advantage
The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2017
It's no secret smartphone and tablet speakers are bad. You just can't get very good sound out of a small, flat object designed to fit in your pocket. Fortunately, you don't have to rely on your smartphone or tablet to put out sound when you're on the go. Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to bust out the jams wirelessly when you can't carry around your entire sound system, which is pretty much all the time.
Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, the speakers here work with Android, iOS, and, well, any Bluetooth-enabled device, including most laptops and desktops. Also, they don't require a Wi-Fi network, making them much more flexible than Apple-only AirPlay speakers. Still, there are a few things to consider when picking a Bluetooth speaker.
Form Factor
Bluetooth speakers are usually portable, but they don't have to be. Some speaker systems are built for connecting to your PC or HDTV, and Bluetooth connectivity is a secondary function, like the excellent Audioengine HD3. These types of speakers are great if you want wireless audio at home, but you can't easily haul either of them around, unlike many of the smaller, more bag-friendly speakers on this list. For more options, check out The Best Computer Speakers.

B&O Play Beoplay A1
Most, but not all, Bluetooth speakers use rechargeable batteries, so you can take them anywhere and use them without a power outlet. Some larger speakers, especially those intended for home theater or PC use, need a dedicated power supply to run, even though you can connect your devices to them wirelessly. Size is often a trade-off for power; the smaller a speaker, the less powerful it will likely sound.

Not all portable speakers are built to be carried around outdoors, or used by the pool. Rugged speakers can handle splashes, dunks, drops, and gunk and keep running. If you try that with the non-rugged speakers on this list, however, you'll find yourself with a brick instead of an audio device. Look for speakers with IPX ratings and guarantees of water and shock resistance if you want to carry them around to the beach, the lake, the slopes, or the sewers.

Audio Quality
Unless portability is at the top of your priority list, sound quality is paramount. Plenty of speakers don't offer much in the way of features, but produce top-notch audio. Big bass isn't for everyone, but unless your speaker is downright tiny, it should be able to reproduce low frequencies accurately without distorting at high volumes. Clarity is more important than sheer power, and a balanced, clean sound should be your goal when shopping for a speaker. If you want a sound system that can drive a whole party instead of just fill a small room, keep the size of the speaker in mind; generally, the bigger a speaker is, the louder it can get while still sounding good.

JLab Block Party
Beyond an auxiliary input (so you can connect your smartphone or tablet with a wire, if you wish), you'd be lucky to find much else in the way of connectivity on most Bluetooth speaker systems. Even a 3.5mm aux input isn't a certainty if you're getting a particularly small or inexpensive speaker. However, some speakers can serve multiple purposes, and even use multiple wireless standards.

Related StorySee How We Test Speakers

Apple's AirPlay used to be completely separate from Bluetooth and other Android-friendly wireless systems, but now there's plenty of overlap, and you can find some speakers pulling double-duty as both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems. The Libratone Zipp Mini, for instance, doubles as an AirPlay and Spotify Connect speaker. Other speakers, like the JLab Block Party, can be paired together (in its case over a 5.8GHz channel) for multiroom audio, similar to what you get with a speaker like the Sonos Play:1.
The Amazon Echo, meanwhile, is primarily a voice-controlled speaker that can work autonomously once it's connected to your Wi-Fi network; you can just tell it to play music, if you don't want to stream audio over Bluetooth. These multi-platform speakers sacrifice portability for their flexibility, however. For more options that aren't necessarily Bluetooth, see The Best Wireless Speakers.
Bluetooth speakers come in a wide range of prices. Don't assume, however, that the most money always buys the best overall product. Generally speaking, higher-end models do sound better, but sometimes they lack the features you might expect for the price. The trick is to get the best sound, along with the features you want, at a price you can afford.
The easiest way to get the best price: Shop around online. You'll often find prices well below list if you do a little bargain hunting on the web. Don't be afraid to look for similar speakers to the ones on this list, either; a number of the options included here have solid predecessors that you can now find for much less since they've been replaced. We've also rounded up our favorite Bluetooth speakers under $100.
Featured Bluetooth Speaker Reviews:

B&O Play Beoplay A1 Review
Editors' Choice
$249.00 MSRP

Bottom Line: The B&O Play Beoplay A1 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with some of the best bass response you'll find in such a compact size.

Marshall Kilburn Review
Editors' Choice
$299.00 MSRP

Bottom Line: The Marshall Kilburn portable Bluetooth speaker delivers a powerful audio performance that can be tweaked to your liking.

B&O Play Beolit 17 Review
Editors' Choice
$499.00 MSRP

Bottom Line: The B&O Play Beolit 17 speaker provides a bass-forward, balanced Bluetooth audio experience at a slightly lower price than its predecessor.

Harman Kardon Onyx Mini Review
Editors' Choice
$199.95 MSRP

Bottom Line: The Harman Kardon Onyx Mini speaker delivers powerful Bluetooth audio performance from a modest frame.

JBL Clip 2 Review
Editors' Choice
$59.95 MSRP

Bottom Line: The JBL Clip 2 is a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker that delivers solid audio performance in a supremely portable, outdoor-friendly design.

JLab Block Party Review
Editors' Choice
$149.99 MSRP

Bottom Line: The JLab Block Party is a wireless speaker that delivers some serious thunder from its modest frame. It's an excellent building block for a simple multiroom audio system.

Libratone Zipp Mini Review
Editors' Choice
$249.00 MSRP

Bottom Line: The Libratone Zipp Mini speaker delivers a bass-forward, user-friendly Bluetooth and Wi-Fi audio experience that can be used in multi-room scenarios.

Ultimate Ears UE Boom 2 Review
Editors' Choice
$199.99 MSRP

Bottom Line: The new UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears packs powerful sound in a colorful, rugged, waterproof build.

Bose SoundLink Color II Review
$129.95 MSRP

Bottom Line: The Bose SoundLink Color II delivers a strong Bluetooth audio experience in a compact, outdoor-friendly design.

 EcoXGear EcoSlate Review
$149.99 MSRP

Bottom Line: The EcoXGear EcoSlate speaker is built like a tank and delivers solid audio, making it a good value for outdoor enthusiasts who want to take their tunes with them.

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