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Resident Evil Village - Sound
2 months ago

You know how there is an eerie silence in the night just before you hear a dog bark or the sudden horn of a car. That's the same feeling t...Read More
Resident Evil Village - Graphics
2 months ago

Visually the game is stunning. From its cold white village to the large halls of the castles, the underground factory and even the swamp areas...Read More
Resident Evil Village - Gameplay
2 months ago

While the core gameplay is the same as RE7, Village has made some much-needed changes. Resident Evil Village is a first-person survival horror...Read More
Resident Evil Village - Story
2 months ago

The story of Resident Evil Village kicks off a few years after the events of RE7. If you haven’t played RE7 (you really should), there i...Read More
Resident Evil Village Review - Building On A Solid Foundation
2 months ago

It was a bold move for Capcom to switch to a first-person perspective in Resident Evil 7, but the gamble paid off, and the game redefined the horror g...Read More
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