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How to use Paytm to check Covid-19 vaccine availability near you

You can now use Paytm to check Covid-19 vaccine availability near your home. Paytm has added a new ‘Vaccine Finder’ feature in its app. Note that this feature will only show the availability status of the vaccine and you cannot book a vaccine slot on Paytm or any other platform. To book a vaccine for yourself, you will have to either use Aarogya Setu or CoWin website to first register and then book a time slot. Vaccine centres will only allow you inside if you have pre-booked a slot online beforehand.

Apart from Paytm, there are other platforms too like Covid-19 vaccine tracker. The ‘’ is a website made by HealthifyMe and lets you search for the nearest Covid-19 vaccine centres and also notifies you on WhatsApp when there’s an open slot.

Here’s how to use Paytm to check Covid-19 vaccine availability near you:

1. Open Paytm and scroll down to ‘Discover with Paytm’ section
Open Paytm, scroll down to the ‘Discover with Paytm’ section and over here you will find the ‘Vaccine Finder’ feature.
2. Tap on Vaccine Finder feature inside Paytm
With this Covid-19 Vaccine Slot Finder, you can check the availability of Covid-19 vaccine, find centers near your home and also get notified when slots are available to get a vaccine.
3. Search Vaccine slot availability by using your pin code
You search for vaccine availability using either pin code or search by district. Also, select the age group of the beneficiary.
4. Tap on notify button to get notified when vaccine slots open


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