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How to use oximeter properly to get accurate blood oxygen SpO2 readings at home

Oximeters have become a go-to gadget for almost all households to battle Covid-19 crisis across India. Reliable oximeters start at around Rs 2000 in India and it helps in recording the blood oxygen levels along with heart rate. Oximeters have become an important tool for citizens to understand health status, especially for Covid patients. At the same time, it is crucial to follow the right procedure to get accurate blood oxygen readings. The government is spreading awareness around how to accurately use oximeter, follow the steps:

How to use oximeter properly to get accurate blood oxygen SpO2 readings

1. Be calm and rest your body for at least 10 minutes before measuring blood oxygen levels.
2. Sit down straight and keep your finger near the heart level and stay still
Sit straight, be calm and keep hands near the heart level. Insert the pulse oximeter on the tip of your index finger. And stay still. Don’t move while the measurement is taking place.
3. Set the oximeter on your index or middle finger above the nails directly on the skin
Don’t put the oximeter on your nails. Insert it properly to cover the fingertips and ensure that the device is direct contact with the skin. You can either put it on your index or middle finger on the left or right hand.
4. Keep the oximeter stable and don’t move
Secure the oximeter properly so that it doesn’t wobble. Ensure that there’s no movement at all when the measurement is taking place.
5. Be calm and let the readings stabilise. Consider the highest reading
Be calm and ignore the initial readings. Let the device stabilise and then consider the highest reading.
6. Record Spo2 three times a day unless you find any health problem
The rule of thumb is to record SpO2 three times a day and the government recommends visiting a doctor only when the level dips below 92%.


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