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Here are some cool makeup hacks every girl should know

Makeup is nothing short of an art. And every art requires a bit of practice, patience, and some tricks of the trade. There are many makeup hacks that can make you look prettier. They do not require a lot of effort, just a bit of smartness. Here are some cool makeup hacks to make your life easier.

#1 Lipstick hacks
Lipstick is a great way to add some much-needed spunk to your look.
But that's not it. It can also come handy when most of your makeup products are exhausted.
If you are out of eye-shadow or blush, simply dab lipstick under your eyes and cheeks. Or you can also apply light red lipstick under your eyes to use it as a color corrector.

#2 Hack for winged eyeliner
We all have dreamed about getting that perfect winged eyeliner.
But it's easier said than done.
A winged eyeliner can get pretty difficult and complicated, unless you use this hack:
We suggest you to take two tape pieces, and stick them from the corner of your eyes towards your eyebrow. This makes the application much easier and smooth.

#3 DIY lip balm
Take out all the old and used lip balm bottles and tubes.
Now, take the leftover balms out of these containers. Heat them over a gas stove.
Add some coconut oil to it and stir the mixture well. Heat until a pretty thick consistency is achieved.
Pour it back into one of the bottles, and you are done!

#4 Hack for eyebrows
We understand the struggle you have to go through while doing your eyebrows and thus we have a cool hack for you.
For this, you don't need any eyebrow pencil. An old mascara bottle and lens solution would do the job.
Use the mascara wand and try to shape your eyebrows carefully without smudging.
Try this easy-peasy way to turn your eyebrows beautiful.


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