Suffering from stress and anxiety - Try these five Yoga asanas

With increasingly packed work schedules, unhealthy lifestyles, and bad diet choices, your mental health is bound to take a toll.

However, don't worry - follow the ancient Ayurvedic practice of Yoga, which relaxes your mind, improves blood flow, and enhances balance, thereby improving your overall mental well-being.

Here are five Yoga asanas that can help you beat mental issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.

#1 Shoulder stand: For better blood flow to the brain

Start by lying on your back, with knees slightly bent, and feet in the air. Keep your hands flat on the floor, and use them to roll yourself on your upper back. You may bring your hands to your lower back for support and to keep yourself upright.

Slowly extend your legs toward the ceiling. Hold the position for 5-6 breaths. Relax, then repeat.

#2 Downward Dog: It helps improve blood flow, relaxes mind

This pose improves blood flow to your head, thus improving mental health.

To perform it, start with the tabletop position, then raise your hips in a manner that your body forms an upside-down 'V' position against the floor.

Now, relax your head and neck, and draw your inner thighs to the back.

Take five to seven breaths. Relax, then repeat.

#3 Child pose: The ultimate asana for relaxation

Balasana or the Child pose is a great asana for relaxation.

It helps improve blood flow to the brain, calms down your nervous system, and reduces risk of stress and anxiety.

To perform this pose, kneel on all fours, and relax your buttocks on your heels. Reach your arms out, with the head resting down on the mat or floor.

#4 Bridge pose: It improves your mental function

To perform the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge pose), lie down on your back, with your arms next to your body, and palms facing down. Next, bend your knees and place your feet on floor.

Further, taking support of your shoulders, arms and feet, lift your back off the floor. Keep breathing slowly and deeply. Maintain the posture for one minute. Relax, then repeat.

#5 Corpse pose: It calms down both your mind, body

A rather simple yoga asana, the Shavasana (or the Corpse pose) calms down your mind and the body. This way, it brushes off stress, anxiety, and depression, thereby improving your mental well-being.

To perform Shavasana, lie down straight on your back, your arms freely opened on both sides, with palms facing upwards. Maintain the position for some minutes.

Perform a few repetitions.



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