Top 6 items you can gift to pet lovers

Heading to a birthday bash, but can't figure what to gift? Try to recall how much you know about your friend. An unusual but handy query could be - do they love animals and pets?

If yes, then the mystery might already be solved.

Here are 6 thoughtful and useful items you can gift people who, like many of us, love pets.

#1,2 Animal toy planters and Personalized pet bed

Animal toy planter: A toy-cum-planter is perfect for all animal lovers. You can customize it with the animal you like. Go for bright colors or metallics to give it a fun and funky decor. Just be sure to pick a plant that's safe for pets.

Personalized bed: Both your friend and their pet will love the idea of a cool and comfortable, personalized bed.

#3,4 Pet-shaped pillows and Custom pet tag

Pet-shaped pillows: It might look complicated, but a pillow doppelganger of your friend's pet might come off as a great gifting option. You could sew one yourself or get one made by the professionals.

Custom pet tag: Gift your friend stylish, personalized pet tags, so they can carry their pooch virtually anywhere with them. What's more? They come in various different colors and shapes.

#5,6 Pet puzzle and Personalized phone case

Pet puzzle: Your friend will love putting together a frame of their beloved pet, or the two of them together. So, go ahead and gift them a pet puzzle, because they're going to adore it.

Personalized phone case: Gift your friend a personalized phone case showing their pet (or maybe themselves as well), so they can carry their mate virtually, anywhere and anytime.



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