Want to lose weight - Perform these five Yoga asanas

A healthy weight not only makes you look good, it is also important for your overall physical and mental health, as obesity could be an undue invitation to health conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, among other problems.

But don't worry - Yoga can be an incredibly powerful weight management tool.

Here are five Yoga poses to help you lose weight.

#1 Sarvangasana: Perform this pose to cut down belly fat

Start by lying on your back, with knees slightly bent, and feet in the air. Keep your hands flat on the floor, and use them to roll yourself on your upper back. You may bring your hands to your lower back for support and to keep yourself upright.

Slowly, extend your legs toward the ceiling.

Hold for 5-6 breaths. Relax, and repeat.

#2 Ardha Navasana: It will help get rid of unwanted fat

Start by sitting on your yoga mat, with your legs stretched out in front of you, and palms facing the floor. Start raising your legs, upto a level, so that your knees are at 45 degrees angle and the lower part of your legs parallel to the ground.

Now, raise your arms parallel to the ground.

Hold for 30 seconds. Relax, then repeat.

#3 Bakasana: This advanced-level pose will help you reduce weight

Begin with a low-squat position, with your hands on the ground and fingers spread wide.

Now, using your tiptoes, lift your legs, and try to place your knees on the edge of your upper arms.

Slowly shift your body weight forward, then lift your toes up the ground, one leg at a time.

Hold the position for as long as possible.

Practise daily.

#4 Natarajasana: Lord of the Dance to the rescue

Begin by standing straight, then hold your left ankle with your left hand. Shift your weight forward, and place your right hand on your right knee for support.

Now, lean forward, arching your back and pressing outward with your left foot.

Keeping your left leg straight, extend your right arm as far as you can.

Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.


Virabhadrasana (Warrior-2 pose) will help trim belly fat

Stand straight with your legs spread 3-4 feet apart. Now turn your right foot outward at 90 degrees angle, and your left foot inward by about 15 degrees.

Spread out your arms, parallel to the ground, on both sides, at shoulder height, with palms facing downwards. Hold the position for about 30 seconds.

Relax, and then repeat on the other side.



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