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Lok Sabha election is coming How to check if your name is there on the voters list or not

Lok Sabha elections are coming. And as citizens it's important for all of us to cast our vote. For this, it is important to check if our name is there on the electoral rolls. As to vote in any elections, Lok Sabha or state elections it's mandatory to have election ID card as well as you name has to be there on electoral rolls. Wonder how you can check this? You can do it online. Here's how to check if your name is there on voters list.
1. ?Open ‘National Voters’ Service portal: : Head to ‘’ on your phone, PC or laptop.
2. Click on ‘Search Your Name in Electoral Roll’ option (at the extreme left of the webpage) : At the top left corner of the website, you’ll find ‘Search’ option with ‘Search Your Name in Electoral Roll’ written on it.
3. ?Search either using your EPIC number (number written on your election ID card) or by entering all your details manually : There are two options to search for your name on the portal: One, using your EPIC number; two; by entering all your details like age, date of birth, district, Assembly constituency and more. EPIC number is the number on voter ID card.
4. ?Click on the ‘Search by the EPIC number’ tab (located on top) and enter your details : These details include: EPIC number and State, then hit the ‘Search’ button
5. If your name is in there in the electoral list, then your details will appear in the search result at the bottom of the webpage.
6. If your name and other details don't appear, then it means that your name is most likely missing from the electoral list
7. If your details appear, you can further click on ‘View Details’ to check if all information is correct
8. ?If you do not have the EPIC number, you can also search by details : These details include: Name, age, DoB, State, Sex and District.
9. Click on the ‘Search by details’ tab to get the search form and enter the required details : Here enter details like Name, Age, State and more
10. People can also use location option as an alternative method to search.


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