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Sallu Ki Shaadi Movie Review

STORY: Sallu's parents Zeenat and Shahnawaz are fans of actor Salman Khan because they first meet during a show of 'Maine Pyar Kiya' back in 1989 and get married. After her husband's untimely death, Zeenat promises him that she will leave no stone unturned to fulfil his last wish that their son Sallu is married 'Dhoom dhaam se'. But Sallu will not agree until his favourite superstar Salman Khan won't tie the knot.
REVIEW: From the word go, 'Sallu Ki Shaadi' is a movie that is headed for disaster. Starting with the unbelievable scene where a greying Shahnawaz (Kiran Kumar) romances Zeenat (Zeenat Aman), the movie sets the tone for the disappointments to come. Their son Sallu (Kashyap Barbhaya), who is conceived right after the couple saw 'Maine Pyar Kiya' in a small-town theatre, is a head-strong Salman Khan fan. He tries hard to look like the star, wears the similar turquoise bracelet, does not work, finds faults with every woman he meets and is averse to marriage. His mantra is, 'Jab tak bhaijan shaadi nahi karenge, main bhi nahi karunga." In this films Universe, just about everyone, from Sallu's friends to the backup dancers in the songs you are assaulted with every few minutes, are deathly worried about getting Sallu hitched, chief among them being his mother Zeenat. She is such a marriage junkie that she actually hatches a plan where she hires a girl who claims that Sallu forced her physically and now he has to marry her. This is supposed to be a joke in the film and possibly the film's lowest point. How Sallu meets an aspiring actress Alia, woos her and agrees to get married, will leave you utterly and completely befuddled. After this moment the director introduces one unbelievable plot after another to reach a conclusion that is weak, uninspiring and unfunny. The only thing bearable about the film is the lead actress Arshin Mehta's performance, but that's only because the others have aced themselves in hamming.


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